The Flexx Right® Mini

Hammersmith Mfg introduces the Flexx Right® Mini. Targeted at Compact and Mini-Excavators weighing 6 metric tonnes or less, the Flexx Right® Mini is available in an 18” diameter size with all the performance and features of its’ 30” big brother.

The Flexx Right® Mini is the flexxible bucket with a penetrating profile, a non-marking body design, tremendous strength and service, exceptional maneuverability.

Best-in-class manufacturing and design from Hammersmith Mfg.
makes The Flexx Right® Mini the safest bucket and the most flexxible choice for utility and pipeline contractors everywhere.

Excavate and Locate Safely and with Ease. Eliminate expensive damages, dangerous accidents, reduce costs & increase safety.

Dig Safe. Dig Flexxible. Dig Right.


• Flexible Mark & Impact Resistant Hdpe
• Carbon Steel Frame & Mount
• 18” Outside Diameter – (Approx.) 175 Lbs.
• Available For Mini & Compact Hydraulic Excavators
• Custom Paint And Decal Options Available