Frequently Asked Questions

Will it work in my soil conditions?
The Flexx Right® is designed and manufactured for ‘disturbed
soil’…and targeted for the pipelining and utility markets. It is effective in many soil conditions. It is not designed for rock breaking or trenching.

What is it made of? How long will it last?
The Flexx Right® is the unique combination of Carbon Steel and HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) Strength, flexibility and safety are the hallmarks of the Flexx Right®. Used in optimal conditions, the Flexx Right is effective for a very long period of time.

What’s the warranty?
3 years on the steel body.

Will it fit my equipment?
We have the knowledge and experience to fit the Flexx Right® to all major brands and models of excavating equipment.

How do I buy one?
See above. We’re here to take your call.

Can we see it in action? Can we get a demo?
Please contact our Sales Department at (913)338-0754
for more information on attending or hosting a demonstration.

Please visit us on YouTube – keyword – Flexx Right to view videos of the Flexx Right® in action under multiple conditions and environments.

What sizes are available?
The Flexx Right® is currently available in 18” and 30” diameter bucket sizes.

Are there plans for any other sizes?
The Flexx Right® is constantly under research and development for improvements, additional sizes and
new applications.

How can I become a FlexxRight® Dealer?
We welcome your energy and experience to help make the Flexx Right® the safest, most flexible and efficient bucket on the market. Please contact us for more information.

International Sales/Terms
Payment terms for International/Overseas purchases of
Hammersmith Mfg. & Sales, Inc. Products (Flexx Right), require payment of 50% down (US Dollar) upon confirmation of the order, and payment of the remaining 50% (US Dollar) upon notification to the purchaser that the product is Ready-to-Ship.

Total payment is subject to a 2% early pay discount that will be credited against the final ready-to-ship payment.

This discount is for Product Only and is not applied against billed freight charges