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The Flexx Right® excavating bucket is one of the most dynamic
products ever to be introduced into the pipeline and utility
excavation, location and inspection market.


The Flexx Right® bucket is a heavy-duty carbon steel attachment saddle married to a flexxible, CNC milled polyethylene bucket body that resists impacts, eliminates dangerous and costly pipeline and utility damage and brings strength and efficiency to all of your excavation and location jobs.

“…we had to excavate a 20 inch header with 10, 16 and 20 inch risers in a very limited working space. We were able to accomplish this work without damage to any of the adjacent piping by using the FlexxRight bucket. I would Highly Recommend this product to anyone!”

Darryl G., Chief Pipeline Inspector, OK

“…we use it at all times in high traffic fields that have a lot of crossovers and intersections. Moves a lot of material and gives us peace of mind.”

Jim A., Pipeline & Utility Contractor,  N.M.

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